The Comic

The world of the Mad Knight started with a Wu-Tang Clan name generator and a bar called Rocky's in Bowling Green, Ky. When owner/brewer, Connor, settled on the name Mad Knight Brewing Company, he approached local artist, Jordan Speer, about finding a way to make the brand half way interesting. From that meeting came the Realm of the Mad Knight, where not only are these beers they're also stories and villain's. When we release a staple beer, we release a comic detailing the story of the Mad Knight's quest. Comics are only available in the taproom, so come get one before you miss out


The mad knight

The Mad Knight was once the protector of a great kingdom.  One day a giant crow landed in the high court, seeking an audience with the king.  The crow made an offer: eternal prosperity to his kingdom in exchange for the knight’s helmet.  The King gladly accepted - however - the Mad Knight, wise to the mischievous nature of crows - refused.  The crow, furious at his refusal, turned into a great pillar of fire that destroyed the castle and village.  The Knight, protected by his armor, was the only survivor.  Feeling responsible for the destruction and tormented by his decision, he went mad.  He exiled himself in the deepest depths of the castle dungeon where he has stayed dormant, waiting for a moment of absolution.


big bossman

Big Bossman was once a famous knight. One day, while patrolling the edges of the forgotten forest, he was approached by a mysterious witch.  She made him an offer: A set of armor that no mortal weapon could pierce in exchange for his tongue.  Being a warrior eager to protect his land, and seeing little value in speech, he accepted the offer.  On the shores of the great lake, The witch took his tongue and imprisoned him inside of the armor, which was so heavy that it sank him into the depths of the water.  Unable to escape with his mortal soul trapped, he dwelled on the lake bed for ages - mutating into a vengeful creature and transforming the water into a dark bog . It is said that one day he will return, mute and blinded by anger.


crazy otto

Crazy Otto was once the great and aspiring archer.  One day, a roaming alchemist appeared at in his village.  The alchemist made him an offer: he would create a magical potion for him. If he drank the potion, he would never miss another shot, becoming the greatest archer in the land.  In exchange the alchemist needed his eyes.  Desiring to be the greatest in the kingdom, and already blinded to everything but fame, he accepted. With his eyes gone, he eagerly drank the potion.  He quickly realized, however, that he had been tricked - the potion forced him to see everything in the world simultaneously and unblinking. Unable to comprehend the noise of images in front of him, he lost his mind and fled to the mountains, never to be heard from again.