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5% ABV
Medium Bodied, Pale, Saaz and Huell Melon Dry Hopped Lager.


5% ABV
Single hopped Pale Ale brewed with Lactose and Hallertau Blanc hops.


Big Boss Man

5.6% ABV
Our crushable Pale Ale with intense fruit aroma, intensely dry hopped and creamy. We love this beer!



Son of Otto Saison

4.6% ABV
The son of our Urban Basement Saison,
A fine mix of Pilz, Oat, and Malt grains and Huell Melon Hops.


Not 10 Fingered Man Stout 

6% ABV
Dry stout, took us 9 pilots to get to what we wanted, but thats not what it was actually named for.
A simply incredible blend of Chocolate malt, roasted barley, E. Kent Goldings, and oats. how marvelous.



Crazy Otto Saison

5.5% ABV
Our Urban Basement Saison. Complex, fruity, slightly tart. Brewed with our expressive house Saison culture.




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